Rare Earths - Uranium, Gold | Greenland


In 2010, CGRG initiated geological exploration projects in Greenland. First field work began in 2011.

Our projects were carried out by experienced Czech specialists in co-operation with partners from Denmark, Great Britain and Greenland.

Currently, CGRG owns 2 exploration licenses where geological exploration is ongoing, and 3 new exploration licenses acquired in 2013. Expansion plans include exploring other prospective areas in Greenland.

Milne Land

Area: 370 km2
Target: Zr - REE - Ti mineralization


Area: 486 km2
Target: Mo, Zr - Nb - Ta - REE mineralization

Kap Parry

Area: 101 km2
Target: Zr - Nb -Ta - REE mineralization


Area: 432 km2
Target: Zr - Nb -Ta - REE, U mineralization


Area: 728 km2
Target: REE, Au mineralization