Rare Earths - Uranium, Gold | Greenland


In 2010, CGRG initiated geological exploration projects in Greenland. First field work began in 2011.

Our projects were carried out by experienced Czech specialists in co-operation with partners from Denmark, Great Britain and Greenland.

Currently, CGRG owns 2 exploration licenses where geological exploration is ongoing, and 3 new exploration licenses acquired in 2013. Expansion plans include exploring other prospective areas in Greenland.

Further projects in 2017/2018 included Multispectral Remote Sensing Evaluation study (Aster, Landsat 8) on Igaliku, Traill, Kap Perry and Ameralik which was carried out by specialists from our consultants GET Ltd., Prague togather with specialists from Charles University, Prague.

Field work with Czech geologists from GET Ltd. was carried out on Igaliku in 2018 with final results expected at the end of 2018 or beginning 2019.

Currently field works are being planned for 2019 on several licenses.

Milne Land

Area: 370 km2
Target: Zr - REE - Ti mineralization


Area: 486 km2
Target: Mo, Zr - Nb - Ta - REE mineralization

Kap Parry

Area: 101 km2
Target: Zr - Nb -Ta - REE mineralization


Area: 432 km2
Target: Zr - Nb -Ta - REE, U mineralization


Area: 728 km2
Target: REE, Au mineralization